The Complete List of Constituents of the Japan Nikkei 225 Index

The Complete List of Companies or Stocks in the Japan Nikkei 225 Index as of Jan 1, 2024 are listed below:

S.No.Company NameCodeSector
1Advantest Corp.6857.TElectric Machinery
2Aeon Co., Ltd.8267.TRetail
3Agc Inc.5201.TGlass & Ceramics
4Ajinomoto Co., Inc.2802.TFoods
5Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.6770.TElectric Machinery
6Amada Co., Ltd.6113.TMachinery
7Ana Holdings Inc.9202.TAir Transport
8Aozora Bank, Ltd.8304.TBanking
9Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.2502.TFoods
10Asahi Kasei Corp.3407.TChemicals
11Astellas Pharma Inc.4503.TPharmaceuticals
12Bandai Namco Holdings Inc.7832.TOther Manufacturing
13Bridgestone Corp.5108.TRubber
14Canon Inc.7751.TElectric Machinery
15Casio Computer Co., Ltd.6952.TElectric Machinery
16Central Japan Railway Co., Ltd.9022.TRailway & Bus
17Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.9502.TElectric Power
18Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.4519.TPharmaceuticals
19Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.7762.TPrecision Instruments
20Comsys Holdings Corp.1721.TConstruction
21Concordia Financial Group, Ltd.7186.TBanking
22Credit Saison Co., Ltd.8253.TOther Financial Services
23Cyberagent, Inc.4751.TServices
24Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.7912.TOther Manufacturing
25Dai-Ichi Life Holdings, Inc.8750.TInsurance
26Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.4568.TPharmaceuticals
27Daikin Industries, Ltd.6367.TMachinery
28Daiwa House Ind. Co., Ltd.1925.TConstruction
29Daiwa Securities Group Inc.8601.TSecurities
30Dena Co., Ltd.2432.TServices
31Denka Co., Ltd.4061.TChemicals
32Denso Corp.6902.TElectric Machinery
33Dentsu Group Inc.4324.TServices
34Dic Corp.4631.TChemicals
35Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.5714.TNonferrous Metals
36East Japan Railway Co.9020.TRailway & Bus
37Ebara Corp.6361.TMachinery
38Eisai Co., Ltd.4523.TPharmaceuticals
39Eneos Holdings, Inc.5020.TPetroleum
40Fanuc Corp.6954.TElectric Machinery
41Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.9983.TRetail
42Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.6504.TElectric Machinery
43Fujifilm Holdings Corp.4901.TChemicals
44Fujikura Ltd.5803.TNonferrous Metals
45Fujitsu Ltd.6702.TElectric Machinery
46Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc.8354.TBanking
47Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.5801.TNonferrous Metals
48Gs Yuasa Corp.6674.TElectric Machinery
49Haseko Corp.1808.TConstruction
50Hino Motors, Ltd.7205.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
51Hitachi Const. Mach. Co., Ltd.6305.TMachinery
52Hitachi Zosen Corp.7004.TMachinery
53Hitachi, Ltd.6501.TElectric Machinery
54Honda Motor Co., Ltd.7267.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
55Hoya Corp.7741.TPrecision Instruments
56Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.5019.TPetroleum
57Ihi Corp.7013.TMachinery
58Inpex Corp.1605.TMining
59Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.3099.TRetail
60Isuzu Motors Ltd.7202.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
61Itochu Corp.8001.TTrading Companies
62J.Front Retailing Co., Ltd.3086.TRetail
63Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.9201.TAir Transport
64Japan Exchange Group, Inc.8697.TOther Financial Services
65Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.6178.TServices
66Japan Tobacco Inc.2914.TFoods
67Jfe Holdings, Inc.5411.TSteel
68Jgc Holdings Corp.1963.TConstruction
69Jtekt Corp.6473.TMachinery
70Kajima Corp.1812.TConstruction
71Kao Corp.4452.TChemicals
72Kawasaki Heavy Ind., Ltd.7012.TShipbuilding
73Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.9107.TMarine Transport
74Kddi Corp.9433.TCommunications
75Keio Corp.9008.TRailway & Bus
76Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.9009.TRailway & Bus
77Keyence Corp.6861.TElectric Machinery
78Kikkoman Corp.2801.TFoods
79Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.2503.TFoods
80Kobe Steel, Ltd.5406.TSteel
81Komatsu Ltd.6301.TMachinery
82Konami Group Corp.9766.TServices
83Konica Minolta, Inc.4902.TPrecision Instruments
84Kubota Corp.6326.TMachinery
85Kuraray Co., Ltd.3405.TChemicals
86Kyocera Corp.6971.TElectric Machinery
87Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd.4151.TPharmaceuticals
88Lasertec Corp.6920.TElectric Machinery
89Ly Corp.4689.TServices
90M3, Inc.2413.TServices
91Marubeni Corp.8002.TTrading Companies
92Marui Group Co., Ltd.8252.TRetail
93Mazda Motor Corp.7261.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
94Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.2269.TFoods
95Mercari, Inc.4385.TServices
96Minebea Mitsumi Inc.6479.TElectric Machinery
97Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corp.4188.TChemicals
98Mitsubishi Corp.8058.TTrading Companies
99Mitsubishi Electric Corp.6503.TElectric Machinery
100Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.8802.TReal Estate
101Mitsubishi Heavy Ind., Ltd.7011.TMachinery
102Mitsubishi Logistics Corp.9301.TWarehousing
103Mitsubishi Materials Corp.5711.TNonferrous Metals
104Mitsubishi Motors Corp.7211.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
105Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc.8306.TBanking
106Mitsui & Co., Ltd.8031.TTrading Companies
107Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.4183.TChemicals
108Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.8801.TReal Estate
109Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co.5706.TNonferrous Metals
110Mitsui O.S.K.Lines, Ltd.9104.TMarine Transport
111Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.8411.TBanking
112Ms&Ad Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.8725.TInsurance
113Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.6981.TElectric Machinery
114Nec Corp.6701.TElectric Machinery
115Nexon Co., Ltd.3659.TServices
116Ngk Insulators, Ltd.5333.TGlass & Ceramics
117Nh Foods Ltd.2282.TFoods
118Nichirei Corp.2871.TFoods
119Nidec Corp.6594.TElectric Machinery
120Nikon Corp.7731.TPrecision Instruments
121Nintendo Co., Ltd.7974.TServices
122Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.5214.TGlass & Ceramics
123Nippon Express Holdings, Inc.9147.TLand Transport
124Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.3863.TPulp & Paper
125Nippon Steel Corp.5401.TSteel
126Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.9432.TCommunications
127Nippon Yusen K.K.9101.TMarine Transport
128Nissan Chemical Corp.4021.TChemicals
129Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.7201.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
130Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.2002.TFoods
131Nissui Corp.1332.TFishery
132Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd.9843.TRetail
133Nitto Denko Corp.6988.TChemicals
134Nomura Holdings, Inc.8604.TSecurities
135Nsk Ltd.6471.TMachinery
136Ntn Corp.6472.TMachinery
137Ntt Data Group Corp.9613.TCommunications
138Obayashi Corp.1802.TConstruction
139Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.9007.TRailway & Bus
140Oji Holdings Corp.3861.TPulp & Paper
141Okuma Corp.6103.TMachinery
142Olympus Corp.7733.TPrecision Instruments
143Omron Corp.6645.TElectric Machinery
144Oriental Land Co., Ltd.4661.TServices
145Orix Corp.8591.TOther Financial Services
146Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.9532.TGas
147Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.4578.TPharmaceuticals
148Pacific Metals Co., Ltd.5541.TSteel
149Panasonic Holdings Corp.6752.TElectric Machinery
150Rakuten Group, Inc.4755.TServices
151Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.6098.TServices
152Renesas Electronics Corp.6723.TElectric Machinery
153Resona Holdings, Inc.8308.TBanking
154Resonac Holdings Corp.4004.TChemicals
155Ricoh Co., Ltd.7752.TElectric Machinery
156Sapporo Holdings Ltd.2501.TFoods
157Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.7735.TElectric Machinery
158Secom Co., Ltd.9735.TServices
159Seiko Epson Corp.6724.TElectric Machinery
160Sekisui House, Ltd.1928.TConstruction
161Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd.3382.TRetail
162Sharp Corp.6753.TElectric Machinery
163Shimizu Corp.1803.TConstruction
164Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.4063.TChemicals
165Shionogi & Co., Ltd.4507.TPharmaceuticals
166Shiseido Co., Ltd.4911.TChemicals
167Shizuoka Financial Group, Inc.5831.TBanking
168Smc Corp.6273.TMachinery
169Softbank Corp.9434.TCommunications
170Softbank Group Corp.9984.TCommunications
171Sojitz Corp.2768.TTrading Companies
172Sompo Holdings, Inc.8630.TInsurance
173Sony Group Corp.6758.TElectric Machinery
174Subaru Corp.7270.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
175Sumco Corp.3436.TNonferrous Metals
176Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.4005.TChemicals
177Sumitomo Corp.8053.TTrading Companies
178Sumitomo Electric Ind., Ltd.5802.TNonferrous Metals
179Sumitomo Heavy Ind., Ltd.6302.TMachinery
180Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.5713.TNonferrous Metals
181Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.8316.TBanking
182Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc.8309.TBanking
183Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.5232.TGlass & Ceramics
184Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.4506.TPharmaceuticals
185Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.8830.TReal Estate
186Suzuki Motor Corp.7269.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
187T&D Holdings, Inc.8795.TInsurance
188Taiheiyo Cement Corp.5233.TGlass & Ceramics
189Taisei Corp.1801.TConstruction
190Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.6976.TElectric Machinery
191Takara Holdings Inc.2531.TFoods
192Takashimaya Co., Ltd.8233.TRetail
193Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.4502.TPharmaceuticals
194Tdk Corp.6762.TElectric Machinery
195Teijin Ltd.3401.TTextiles & Apparel
196Terumo Corp.4543.TPrecision Instruments
197The Chiba Bank, Ltd.8331.TBanking
198The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.5631.TMachinery
199The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.9503.TElectric Power
200The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.5101.TRubber
201Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.9001.TRailway & Bus
202Toho Co., Ltd9602.TServices
203Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd.5301.TGlass & Ceramics
204Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.8766.TInsurance
205Tokuyama Corp.4043.TChemicals
206Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, I9501.TElectric Power
207Tokyo Electron Ltd.8035.TElectric Machinery
208Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.9531.TGas
209Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.8804.TReal Estate
210Tokyu Corp.9005.TRailway & Bus
211Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corp.3289.TReal Estate
212Toppan Holdings Inc.7911.TOther Manufacturing
213Toray Industries, Inc.3402.T
214Tosoh Corp.4042.TChemicals
215Toto Ltd.5332.TGlass & Ceramics
216Toyota Motor Corp.7203.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
217Toyota Tsusho Corp.8015.TTrading Companies
218Trend Micro Inc.4704.TServices
219Ube Corp.4208.TChemicals
220West Japan Railway Co.9021.TRailway & Bus
221Yamaha Corp.7951.TOther Manufacturing
222Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.7272.TAutomobiles & Auto parts
223Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.9064.TLand Transport
224Yaskawa Electric Corp.6506.TElectric Machinery
225Yokogawa Electric Corp.6841.TElectric Machinery

Source: Nikkei

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