The Complete List of Db X-trackers ETFs Trading on the Singapore Stock Exchange

The Complete List of Db X-trackers ETFs Trading on the Singapore Stock Exchange are listed below:

S.No.ETF NameExchange Code
1CSI300 Index (China A-shares)KT4
2FTSE China 25HD8
3FTSE VietnamHD9
4MSCI Bangladesh IM TRNO9C
5MSCI Brazil TRN IndexJ0O
6MSCI China TRN IndexLG9
7MSCI India TRN IndexLG8
8MSCI Indonesia IndexKJ7
9MSCI Japan TRN IndexLF2
11MSCI Malaysia TRN IndexLG6
12MSCI Pakistan IM TRNO9D
13MSCI Philippines IM TRN IndexN2E
14MSCI Singapore IM TRNO9A
15MSCI Russia Capped IndexJ0R
16MSCI Taiwan TRN IndexHD7
17MSCI Thailand TRN IndexLG7
19S&P/ASX 200 Index (Australia)LF1
20S&P CNX Nifty (India)HEO
21S&P 500 Index (USA)K6K
22S&P 500 ShortHD6
23Euro STOXX 50IH0
24MSCI AC Asia Ex JapanN2F
25MSCI AC Asia ex Japan TRNIH1
26MSCI AC Asia Pacifc ex Japan TRNO9B
27MSCI EM Asia TRN IndexJ0N
28MSCI Emerging Markets TRN IndexJ0M
29MSCI Europe TRN IndexIH3
30MSCI Pacific Ex Japan TRN IndexJ0Q
31MSCI World TRN IndexJ0P
32STOXX Global Select DividendKT3
33Australia SSA Bonds TR IndexK6Y
34iBoxx® Euro SovereignsKF6
35iBoxx® $ Treasuries TR IndexKF7
36MarkIt iBoxx ABF Korea GovernmentKT2
37MarkIt iBoxx ABF SingaporeKV4
38USD IG Inflation Linked Treasuries TR IndexKF5
39Australia Dollar CashKV5
40Australia Dollar CashKV6
41Australia Dollar CashKV7
43Singapore Dollar CashKJ6
44US Dollar CashIH4
45DB Commodity BoosterL5F
46DB Commodity Booster LightL5G
47DBLCI-OY BalancedJ0S

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