Why Market Timing Does Not Work: A UK Example

One of the topics that I have written many times on this blog is the concept of Market Timing. This strategy involves selling at market peaks and buying at market lows. While this sounds pretty simple, obviously it is impossible to execute for any investor. If it was so easy to do, then everyone will …

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Composition of MSCI Emerging Markets Index 2008 vs. 2016

The widely used benchmark for emerging markets from provider MSCI has changed substantially in recent years. As emerging markets evolve the index weightings changes accordingly. The graphic below shows the comparison of country and sector weights of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index in 2008 and 2016: Click to enlarge Source: Active Viewpoint: Global Emerging Markets, Martin Currie …

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Four Flaws Of India’s Sensex Index

The benchmark index of the Indian equity market is the BSE Sensex Index. Though the Sensex is main index for Indian equities it is not the ideal index for many reasons. For example, emerging market investors such as those investing in Indian stocks invest to gain from the growth in the Indian economy.However investing in an …

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Periodic Table of Investment Returns: For Asset Classes 1997-2016

The Periodic Table of Investment Returns for Asset Classes from 1997 thru 2016 is shown in the chart below. Last year Small Cap Value stocks were the best performers while international stocks were the worst performers. The last time foreign stocks had decent returns were before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09. Click to enlarge Source: Prudential