Personal and Household Items ADR Stocks !!

The table below displays some of the Personal and Household Items ADR Stocks
available in the US.It includes world famous brands like Henkel, Puma,Adidas,Benetton,etc.

S.No. Company Ticker Country Industry
1 Adidas ADDYY Germany Footwear
2 Asia Fiber ASFBY Thailand Nylon Products
3 Benetton BNG Italy Clothing
4 Bombril-Cirio BMBBY Brazil Cleaning Products
5 Clarins CRASY France Cosmetics
6 Companhia de Tecidos Norte de Minas CDDMY Brazil Textiles
7 Delta-Galil Industries DELT Israel Clothing
8 Electrolux ELUXY Sweden Appliance-Kitchen Items
9 Escada ESCDY Germany Clothing
10 Henkel HENKY Germany Home Care Products
11 Hilasal Mexicana HLMXY M?xico Textiles
12 Husqvarna HSQVY Sweden Outdoor Power Items
13 IT Holding ITHJY Italy Clothing
14 Luxottica LUX Italy Frames and Sunglasses
15 Natuzzi NTZ Italy Leather items
16 Puma Rudolf Dassler Sport PMMAY Germany Footwear
17 Seardel Investment SRDLY South Africa Textiles
18 Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget-SCA SVCBY Sweden Personal Care Items
19 Wolford WLFDY Austria Legwear

Henkel is a top detergent manufacturer.Their Purex brand is sold in the US
and Persil is the No.1 detergent in Germany.Henkel’s other products
include dishwashing liquids, soaps(Dial), etc. These are sold in many
developing countries as well.

Puma and Adidas are established names in the footwear and sports
apparel industry.Benetton is a famous clothing company from Italy
known for its provocative and controversial ads.:-)

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