The Full List of Indian ADRs

The Complete List of Indian ADRs trading on the US Exchanges as of Jun, 2017 are listed below:

1Azure Power Global Limited AZRENYSESolar Power Utility
2Dr. Reddy's LaboratoriesRDYNYSEPharma. & Biotech.
6MakeMyTrip LimitedMMYTNASDAQTravel & Leisure
7Sify Technologies LimitedSIFYNASDAQSoftware&ComputerSvc
8Tata MotorsTTMNYSEIndustrial Engineer.
10Videocon d2hVDTHNASDAQTV Services
12WNS HoldingsWNSNYSESupport Services
13Yatra Online, IncYTRANASDAQTravel

The Complete List of Indian ADRs trading on the US OTC Markets as of Jun, 2017 are listed below:

1Grasim IndustriesMTENYOTCConstruct.&MaterialsS
2Mahanagar Telephone NigamGRSXYOTCQXFixed Line Telecom.S IndiaREDFYOTCSoftwareS

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Download in Excel format (Data as of  Jun, 2017):

1. The Complete List of all Indian ADRs Trading on the US Markets

2. The Complete List of all Indian ADRs Trading on the US Exchanges

3. The Complete List of all Indian ADRs Trading on the OTC markets

4The Complete List of all India ETFs and ETNs Listed on US Exchanges 


India Dividend Withholding Tax Rates for US investors as of Jan,2017:

1. Dividend Withholding Tax for Regular Accounts: 0%
2. Dividend Withholding Tax for Retirement Accounts (401K, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, etc.): 0%


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For GDRs go to: The Complete List of Indian GDRs

Download in Excel format (Data as of Dec, 2016):

1. The Complete List of Indian GDRs trading on markets outside of US


Sensex Index:

  1. The Components of the of the Sensex Index (TFS)
  2. Realtime Senxex Chart (@Bloomberg)
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  5. Bombay Stock Exchange (Exchange site)
  6. National Stock Exchange (Exchange site)
  7. The S&P BSE Sensex Returns by Year and Charts

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  1. Do not buy Indian ADR. You may lost whole investment like “Satyam Computer”. Cooking books is very common in India. Raju of Styam looted millions of dollars and got only few years jail. I am sure he must have bribed justice system.

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