The Full List of Argentina ADRs

The Argentina ADRs trading on the US Exchanges as of Jan, 2017 are listed below:

1Banco MacroBMANYSEBanks
2BBVA Banco FrancesBFRNYSEBanks
3CresudCRESYNASDAQFood Producers
5Grupo Financiero GaliciaGGALNASDAQBanks
6Grupo SupervielleSUPVNYSEFinancial Services
7IRSA Inversiones y RepresentacionesIRSNYSEReal Estate Inv&Serv
8IRSA Propiedades ComercialesIRCPNASDAQReal Estate Inv&Serv
9Nortel Invesora - Series BNTLNYSEMobile Telecom.
10Pampa EnergiaPAMNYSEElectricity
11Petrobras ArgentinaPZENYSEOil & Gas Producers
12Telecom ArgentinaTEONYSEMobile Telecom.
15Transportadora de Gas del SurTGSNYSEOil & Gas Producers
16YPFYPFNYSEOil & Gas Producers

The Argentina ADRs trading on the US OTC Markets as of Jan,2017 are listed below:
1Andes EnergiaANEGYGas,H20&Multiutility
2Banco HipotecarioBHPTYBanks
3Banco PatagoniaBPTGYBanks
4CarboclorSLEOYOil & Gas Producers
5Carlos CasadoCCASYFood Producers
7Socotherm AmericasSOCOYIndustrial Engineer.
8TGLTTGLTDReal Estate Inv&Serv

Argentina Dividend Withholding Tax Rates for US investors as of Jan,2016:
1.Dividend Withholding Tax for Regular Accounts: 35.0%
2.Dividend Withholding Tax for Retirement Accounts (401K, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, etc.): 35.0%
Download in Excel format (Data as of Jan, 2017):

1. The Complete List of Argentina ADRs trading on the US Exchanges
2. The Complete List of Argentina ADRs trading on the US OTC Markets


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Country ETF: Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF (ARGT)


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