The Ten Most Popular Stocks In British Mutual Funds

One of the ways that some investors use to identify potential investment opportunities is to analyze the portfolios of many mutual funds and pick the companies that exist across many funds. This strategy basically confirms the most popular stocks among the various fund managers.Retail investors try to simply follow the fund managers’ ideas by investing […]

Current Yields of Top Canadian Dividend Stocks

Last August I wrote an article about the Top Canadian Dividend stocks trading in the US markets.These stocks are part of the S&P TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index. Since dividends account for 1/3rd of the total returns of the TSX Composite Index, it pays to keep an eye on the current yields.This is especially in […]

The Ten Most Profitable Companies in Asia

Asia has two of the most populous countries of the world – China and India. They are also among the largest emerging markets in the so-called BRIC countries. Some of the countries in Asia are showing signs of recovery. For example, the Shanghai Composite Index has grown by 27% year-to-date until last Friday due to […]