Top Ten Global Personal Care Products Makers

Personal Care Products include items that we use on a daily basis. Some of the items in this group are hair care products, deodorants, detergents, toothpaste, skin care products, band-aids, baby diapers, tissue, etc. Some of these products are necessities and consumers buy them even when the economy is down. This is one reason why […]

The Largest German Companies

The German economy is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. The country attracted EUR 439 B Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2006. With a high productivity rate and a world-class education system Germany ensures that its citizens high standards of living. Germany is also the number one for research and […]

The Top 10 Global Food Stocks

Investors are attracted to defensive sector stocks for their stability and consistent growth.One of the defensive sectors is the food producers. Some of these stocks have held up well during the past few months. In this post lets review the Top Ten Global Food Producer stocks. This ranking is based on the total revenue generated […]

Hi Dividend Yield, Hi Dividend Growth Rate Foreign Stocks

For the long-term investor looking for dividend stocks in this market there are plenty of opportunities at attractive prices. Financials is one of the worst affected sectors due to the sub-prime crisis. Some of these financial stocks have fallen over 50% since past October. However in my opinion some of the European banks have become […]

Best Performing ADR Stocks YTD

Here is a list of the Best Performing ADR stocks Year-To-Date: Company Ticker YTD Chg(%) Sector Country VisionChina Media VISN 115.65% Media China Soc. Quimica y Minera de Chile SQM 88.46% Chemicals Chile XTL Biopharmaceuticals XTLB 48.07% Pharma. & Biotech. Israel Epcos EPC 43.68% Electron.&ElectricEq Germany ILOG ILOG 33.53% Software&ComputerSvc France NTES 30.80% Software&ComputerSvc […]

Top Foreign Dividend Stocks in NYSE

Following our earlier analysis of Top Canadian Dividend Stocks,Top Banks of the World and Top 10 European Utilities in this post lets review the top dividend paying foreign stocks(ADRs) trading in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The total market cap. of all stocks listed in the NYSE is about $27.1 Trillion as of Dec […]