The Periodic Table For Canadian Investors

While researching on periodic table of investment returns, I came across the following chart which can be very useful for Canadian investors. This chart shows the comparison of returns for various asset classes. Canadians can use this to plan their portfolio allocation strategies. Click to enlarge Legend: Text Represents RRB Real return bonds S&P500 S&P …

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Historical U.S. 10 Year Treasury Yield Chart

The current yield on the U.S. 10 year Treasury note is 1.96%. In the past five years, the yield has dropped from about 4% to about 2% recently. In the past, U.S. Treasuries have yielded excellent cumulative returns during certain periods. The following chart shows the historical yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury from 1954 thru …

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Infographic: The 10 Deadliest Volcano Eruptions

Last year Hollywood released the movie “Pompeii“. On this occasion, Allianz published the infographic below showing the Ten Deadliest Volcano Eruptions in the world: Click to enlarge Source: Allianz You can also checkout Volcanoes: the terrible beauty on earth at their site for more interesting details on volcanoes.

Infographic: Giants of the Oceans

Cargo ships are becoming larger and larger in size. Today the largest ship is the CSCL Globe. It measures more than 1,313 ft in length can carry about 19,000 containers. Click to enlarge Source: The BBC CSCL Globe is large than the Triple-E class of vessels. The following infographic from Allianz shows the growth of container ship sizes: …

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The Periodic Table of Emerging Markets 2005 To 2014

I posted the Periodic Table of Investment Returns for Commodities for 2015 last month. Here is the chart for Emerging Markets from 2005 to 2014: Click to enlarge Source: US Funds A few observations: The best performing emerging market last year was India with a return of over 29%. This year India’s Sensex is up a decent 5.51% year-to-date. …

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