Top 50 German Companies in the U.S.

One of the major impacts of Globalization in the past few decades is that large companies have become truly global and no longer depend on one country or territory to do business.The strong growth of Multi-National Companies (MNCs) confirms this phenomenon. American MNCs, for example, have established production facilities overseas and employ millions of workers there to meet the rising demand for their products and services. Similarly MNCs from other countries employ thousands of workers in the U.S. in order to cater to the U.S. market.

Traditionally European firms have been some of the largest investors in the U.S. contributing for a sizable chunk of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) coming into the country. Among European companies, German companies have a strong presence in the U.S. market.These German multinationals not only employ thousands of workers directly but also help create many more jobs indirectly.The contribution of these companies’ to the individual U.S. states where they have production facilities and to the overall U.S. economy in general is significant.

With 12.5 million people unemployed in the country as of August and most American firms still reluctant to hire, some of the German companies operating in the U.S. are actually expanding and adding workers. In fact, the top 50 German firms now create 461,000 jobs compared to 427,000 jobs in 2010. The sales performance of the companies also increased from $295 billion in 2010 to $318 billion last year.

The following table lists the top 50 German employers in the U.S. based on number of employees:

Rank Company Parent Company Ticker Sector Number of Employees in 2011
1 Daimler Group N/A Automotive 20,702
2 Volkswagen Group of America VLKAY Automotive 4,500
3 T-Mobile USA DTEGY Telecommunications 34,518
4 BASF Corp BASFY Chemicals 16,000
5 Siemens USA Holdings SI IT/Communications, Transportation 60,000
6 BMW Group BAMXY Automotive 10,000
7 Allianz of America AZSEY Insurance/Asset Management 10,000
8 DHL Holdings (USA), Inc DPSGY Courier Services 29,000
9 Bayer Corporation BAYRY Pharmaceutical/Medical Products 15,800
10 Robert Bosch, LLC N/A Automotive, Consumer Goods, Industrial Technology 22,500
11 ThyssenKrupp USA, Inc. TYEKF Steel, Stainless Steel, Capital Goods, Services 19,200
12 Trader Joes Co. N/A Grocery Stores 8,000
13 Boehringer Ingelheim Corp N/A Pharma 9,413
14 Continental Automotive Systems CTTAY Automotive Components, Tires 10,000
15 Heraeus Incorporated N/A Non-Ferrous Metals 1,811
16 Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. FSNUY Medical Products & Services 45,577
17 Turner Construction Co N/A Construction 5,163
18 Aldi, Inc. N/A Grocery Stores 12,000
19 SAP Americas SAP Software 15,473
20 Lufthansa Group DLAKY Air Transportation/Logistic/Catering 12,916
21 adidas America, Inc. ADDYY Sports Wear 11,706
22 LEHIGH Hanson Inc. N/A Cement 11,586
23 Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. MURGY Insurance 1,100
24 Henkel of America, Inc. HENKY Industrial Organic Chemicals 5,233
25 Linde North America LNEGY Industrial Gases 5,000
26 Hannover Life Re America HVRRY Reinsurance 251
27 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. POAHY Automative 230
28 Evonik Degussa Corp N/A Specialty Chemicals 4,063
29 Random House Bertelsmann N/A Media, Publishing 5,063
30 DB U.S. Holding Corp N/A Freight Transportation 6,300
31 Lanxess N/A Specialty Chemicals 1,430
32 Helm U.S. Corporation N/A Chemicals 300
33 ZF Group North American Operations Inc. N/A Automative 3,447
34 K+S North America KPLUY Chemicals 1,854
35 Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership N/A Automative 6,983
36 E.ON Climate & Renwables North America EONGY Power Generation 150
37 B. Braun Medical, Inc. N/A Medical/Surgical Devices 4,064
38 Knorr Brake Holding Corp N/A Railroad Equipment 4,611
39 Beiersdorf, Inc . N/A Branded Consumer Goods 2,261
40 Puma North America, Inc PMMAY Sports Wear 2,978
41 Wacker Chemical Corporation N/A Chemicals 1,822
42 STIHL Incorporated N/A Handheld outdoor power equipments 2,100
43 Brose North America, Inc. N/A Automotive Supplier 3,500
44 Wurth Group of North America Inc. N/A Maintenance Supplies 2,742
45 GEA N/A Engineering Services 2,382
46 Behr America, Inc. N/A Automotive Thermal Management 2,650
47 Schott North America, Inc. N/A Glass/Glass Ceramic Products 1,900
48 Flatiron N/A Construction 1,800
49 Infineon Technologies North America Corp IFNNY Semiconductors 476
50 BSH Home Appliances Corporation N/A Kitchen Appliances 1,266

Source: German American Trade, May/June 2012, German American Chambers of Commerce

Due to the strong growth in the automotive industry, Daimler Group ranked the highest in the U.S. followed by Volkwagen Group based on sales. Siemens (SI) is the largest employer in the  U.S. with over 60,000 employees followed by Fresenius Medical Care(FSNUY), the world’s largest dialysis services provider with over 45,000 people. Some of the large German chemical firms such as BASF AG(BASFY), Linde (LNEGY), etc. also have a strong presence in the U.S.

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