The List of Diamond Mining Stocks by Country

In an earlier post, we looked at the world’s top diamond producing countries. The table below lists the diamond mining stocks by country:

S.No. Name Ticker Country Exchange
1 Petra Diamonds Ltd. PDL.l UK AIM
2 African Consolidated Resources Plc AFCR.l UK AIM
3 Firestone Diamonds plc FDI.l UK AIM
4 Cape Diamonds Plc CAPE.l UK AIM
5 Namibian Resources plc NBR.l UK AIM
6 European Diamonds plc EPD.l UK AIM
7 Sunrise Diamonds plc SDS.l UK AIM
8 Hidefield Gold plc HIF.l UK AIM
9 River Diamonds Group plc RVD.l UK AIM
10 KimCor Diamonds Plc KIM.l UK AIM
11 Mwana Africa PLC MWA.l UK AIM
12 Apollo Gold Corp. AGT USA AMEX
13 Alkane Exploration Ltd. ALK.AX Australia ASX
14 Thundelarra Exploration Ltd. THX.AX Australia ASX
15 Adamus Resources Ltd. ADU.AX Australia ASX
16 Conquest Mining Ltd. CQT.AX Australia ASX
17 Haoma Mining NL HAO.AX Australia ASX
18 Elemental Minerals Limited ELM.AX Australia ASX
19 A-Cap Resources Ltd. ACB.AX Australia ASX
20 Resource and Investment NL RNI.AX Australia ASX
21 North Australian Diamonds Limited NAD.AX Australia ASX
22 Kimberley Diamond Co. NL KIM.AX Australia ASX
23 Navigator Resources Ltd. NAV.AX Australia ASX
24 Northern Star Resources Ltd. NST.AX Australia ASX
25 Helix Resources Ltd. HLX.AX Australia ASX
26 Eureka Energy Limited EKA.AX Australia ASX
27 Rusina Mining Ltd. RML.AX Australia ASX
28 Indo Mines Limited IDO.AX Australia ASX
29 AusQuest Ltd. AQD.AX Australia ASX
30 Gunson Resources Ltd. GUN.AX Australia ASX
31 Diatreme Resources Ltd. DRX.AX Australia ASX
32 Elkedra Diamonds NL EDN.AX Australia ASX
33 Atlantic Gold NL ATV.AX Australia ASX
34 Paramount Mining Corp. PCP.AX Australia ASX
35 Golden Cross Resources Ltd. GCR.AX Australia ASX
36 Cluff Resources Pacific NL CFR.AX Australia ASX
37 Lake Argyle-Bow River Diamonds Ltd. ABW.AX Australia ASX
38 Rimfire Pacific Mining NL RIM.AX Australia ASX
39 Longreach Oil Ltd. LGO.AX Australia ASX
40 Mount Burgess Mining NL MTB.AX Australia ASX
41 Argosy Minerals Inc. AGY.AX Australia ASX
42 Lindian Resources Limited LIN.AX Australia ASX
43 Diamond Rose NL DRN.AX Australia ASX
44 Ellendale Resources NL ELL.AX Australia ASX
45 Gravity Diamonds Ltd. GRN.AX Australia ASX
46 Lake Resources NL LKE.AX Australia ASX
47 Oropa Ltd. ORP.AX Australia ASX
48 Bonaparte Diamond Mines NL BON.AX Australia ASX
49 Reefton Mining NL RTM.AX Australia ASX
50 Flinders Diamonds Ltd. FDL.AX Australia ASX
51 Diamonex Ltd. DON.AX Australia ASX
52 Dwyka Diamonds Ltd. DWY.AX Australia ASX
53 Blina Diamonds NL BDI.AX Australia ASX
54 Rox Resources Ltd. RXL.AX Australia ASX
55 Tawana Resources NL TAW.AX Australia ASX
56 Washington Resources Limited WRL.AX Australia ASX
57 United Minerals Corporation NL UMC.AX Australia ASX
58 Nare Diamonds Limited NDM.AX Australia ASX
59 Archon Minerals Ltd. ACS.V Canada CDNX
60 Kaminak Gold Corp. KAM.V Canada CDNX
61 Energold Drilling Corp. EGD.V Canada CDNX
62 Explor Resources Inc. EXS.V Canada CDNX
63 Foran Mining Corp. FOM.V Canada CDNX
64 Spider Resources Inc. SPQ.V Canada CDNX
65 Metalex Ventures Ltd. MTX.V Canada CDNX
66 Trivalence Mining Corp. TMI.V Canada CDNX
67 Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. GWG.V Canada CDNX
68 Cantex Mine Development Corp. CD.V Canada CDNX
69 Mountain Lake Resources Inc. MOA.V Canada CDNX
70 Tsodilo Resources Ltd. TSD.V Canada CDNX
71 Temex Resources Corp. TME.V Canada CDNX
72 Sacre-Coeur Minerals Ltd. SCM.V Canada CDNX
73 Bayfield Ventures Corp. BYV.V Canada CDNX
74 Superior Diamonds Inc. SUP.V Canada CDNX
75 KWG Resources Inc. KWG.V Canada CDNX
76 Hudson Resources Inc. HUD.V Canada CDNX
77 Golden Valley Mines Ltd. GZZ.V Canada CDNX
78 Darnley Bay Resources Ltd. DBL.V Canada CDNX
79 Strongbow Exploration Inc. SBW.V Canada CDNX
80 Pele Mountain Resources Inc. GEM.V Canada CDNX
81 Bandera Gold Ltd. BGL.V Canada CDNX
82 Conquest Resources Ltd. CQR.V Canada CDNX
83 Helio Resource Corp. HRC.V Canada CDNX
84 Dumont Nickel Inc. DNI.V Canada CDNX
85 Rockwell Ventures Inc. RVI.V Canada CDNX
86 Cabo Drilling Corp. CBE.V Canada CDNX
87 Sargold Resource Corp. SRG.V Canada CDNX
88 Niogold Mining Corp. NOX.V Canada CDNX
89 Waseco Resources Inc. WRI.V Canada CDNX
90 CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. CVV.V Canada CDNX
91 Geodex Minerals Ltd. GXM.V Canada CDNX
92 Kalahari Resources Inc. KLA.V Canada CDNX
93 Canstar Resources Inc. ROX.V Canada CDNX
94 Vannessa Ventures Ltd. VVV.V Canada CDNX
95 Diamonds North Resources Ltd. DDN.V Canada CDNX
96 Northern Shield Resources Inc. NRN.V Canada CDNX
97 Gee-Ten Ventures Inc. GTV.V Canada CDNX
98 Williams Creek Explorations Ltd. WCX.V Canada CDNX
99 Snowfield Development Corp. SNO.V Canada CDNX
100 Dianor Resources Inc. DOR.V Canada CDNX
101 Micrex Development Corp. MIX.V Canada CDNX
102 Cream Minerals Ltd. CMA.V Canada CDNX
103 Midlands Minerals Corporation MEX.V Canada CDNX
104 Horseshoe Gold Mining Inc. HSX.V Canada CDNX
105 GGL Diamond Corp. GGL.V Canada CDNX
106 African Metals Corp. AFR.V Canada CDNX
107 Tres-Or Resources Ltd. TRS.V Canada CDNX
108 Silverstone Resources Corp. SST.V Canada CDNX
109 Mill City Gold Corp. MC.V Canada CDNX
110 Stratabound Minerals Corp. SB.V Canada CDNX
111 Sirios Resources Inc. SOI.V Canada CDNX
112 Arctic Star Diamond Corp. ADD.V Canada CDNX
113 Indicator Minerals Inc. IME.V Canada CDNX
114 Shear Minerals Ltd. SRM.V Canada CDNX
115 New Nadina Explorations Ltd. NNA.V Canada CDNX
116 Cascadero Copper Corp. CCD.V Canada CDNX
117 Golden Chalice Resources Inc. GCR.V Canada CDNX
118 Leeward Capital Corp. LWC.V Canada CDNX
119 Lucky Strike Resources Ltd. LKY.V Canada CDNX
120 Grizzly Diamonds Ltd. GZD.V Canada CDNX
121 Pebble Creek Mining Ltd. PEB.V Canada CDNX
122 Big Red Diamond Corp. DIA.V Canada CDNX
123 Max Resource Corp. MXR.V Canada CDNX
124 Ditem Explorations Inc. DIT.V Canada CDNX
125 New Dimension Resources Ltd. NDR.V Canada CDNX
126 Allyn Resources Inc. ARR.V Canada CDNX
127 Iciena Ventures Inc. IIE.V Canada CDNX
128 Golconda Resources Ltd. GA.V Canada CDNX
129 Agau Resources Inc. AGS.V Canada CDNX
130 Diamcor Mining Inc. DMI.V Canada CDNX
131 Star Uranium Corporation SUV.V Canada CDNX
132 Western Warrior Resources Inc. WWR.V Canada CDNX
133 Diadem Resources Ltd. DRL.V Canada CDNX
134 Belmont Resources Inc. BEA.V Canada CDNX
135 Kansai Mining Corp. KAN.V Canada CDNX
136 Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc. HKO.V Canada CDNX
137 Adroit Resources Inc. ADT.V Canada CDNX
138 Consolidated AGX Resources Corp. CSX.V Canada CDNX
139 Delray Ventures Inc. DLY.H.V Canada CDNX
140 Gleichen Resources Ltd GRL.V Canada CDNX
141 Diamond Hawk Mining Corp. DMD.V Canada CDNX
142 Monroe Minerals Inc. MMX.V Canada CDNX
143 Mandorin Goldfields Inc. MGD.V Canada CDNX
144 Consolidated Global Diamond Corp. CK.V Canada CDNX
145 Winfield Resources Ltd. WWF.V Canada CDNX
146 Ripple Lake Diamonds Inc. RLD.V Canada CDNX
147 Exploration Orbite V.S.P.A. inc. ORT.A.V Canada CDNX
148 Tanqueray Resources Ltd. TQY.V Canada CDNX
149 Temoris Resources Inc. TMO.H.V Canada CDNX
150 Vault Minerals Inc. VMI.V Canada CDNX
151 Novawest Resources Inc. NVE.V Canada CDNX
152 Patrician Diamonds Inc. PXC.V Canada CDNX
153 Marum Resources Inc. MMU.V Canada CDNX
154 Camphor Ventures Inc. CFV.V Canada CDNX
155 Kinbauri Gold Corp. KNB.V Canada CDNX
156 Trigon Uranium Corp. TEL.V Canada CDNX
157 Consolidated Gold Win Ventures Inc. CGW.V Canada CDNX
158 Southampton Ventures Inc. SV.V Canada CDNX
159 Freewest Resources Canada Inc. FWR.V Canada CDNX
160 Bluerock Resources Ltd. BRD.V Canada CDNX
161 Dentonia Resources Ltd. DTA.V Canada CDNX
162 Milner Consolidated Silver Mines Ltd. MCA.V Canada CDNX
163 BRC Diamond Corp. BRC.V Canada CDNX
164 Nordic Diamonds Ltd. NDL.V Canada CDNX
165 International Samuel Exploration Corp. SAZ.V Canada CDNX
166 Majescor Resources Inc. MAJ.V Canada CDNX
167 Mano River Resources Inc. MNO.V Canada CDNX
168 Great Western Diamonds Corp. GWD.V Canada CDNX
169 Motapa Diamonds Inc. MTP.V Canada CDNX
170 Diagem Inc. DGM.V Canada CDNX
171 Archangel Diamond Corp. AAD.V Canada CDNX
172 Forest Gate Resources Inc. FGT.V Canada CDNX
173 Pan African Mining Corp. PAF.V Canada CDNX
174 Sanatana Diamonds Inc STA.V Canada CDNX
175 International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. ITH.V Canada CDNX
176 Anglo Minerals Ltd. ALM.V Canada CDNX
177 Diamondex Resources Ltd. DSP.V Canada CDNX
178 BHP Billiton plc BLT.L UK LSE
179 Rio Tinto plc RIO.L UK LSE
180 Anglo American plc AAL.L UK LSE
181 Legend International Holdings Inc. LGDI.PK USA OTCBB
182 Diamond Discoveries International Corp. DMDD.PK USA OTCBB
183 Entourage Mining Ltd. ETGM.F.PK USA OTCBB
184 Prospero Minerals Corp. PSPO.PK USA OTCBB
185 Madison Explorations Inc. MDEX.PK USA OTCBB
186 Echo Resources Inc. ECHR.PK USA OTCBB
187 Ashton Mining of Canada Inc. ACA.TO Canada TSX
188 Lake Shore Gold Corp. LSG.TO Canada TSX
189 Comaplex Minerals Corp. CMF.TO Canada TSX
190 Aber Diamond Corp. ABZ.TO Canada TSX
191 Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. MPV.TO Canada TSX
192 Almaden Minerals Ltd. AMM.TO Canada TSX
193 Energem Resources Inc. ENM.TO Canada TSX
194 Stornoway Diamond Corp. SWY.TO Canada TSX
195 Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. PGD.TO Canada TSX
196 Scorpio Mining Corp. SPM.TO Canada TSX
197 Tahera Diamond Corp. TAH.TO Canada TSX
198 Etruscan Resources Inc. EET.TO Canada TSX
199 Diamond Fields International Ltd. DFI.TO Canada TSX
200 International Royalty Corp IRC.TO Canada TSX
201 Vaaldiam Resources Ltd. VAA.TO Canada TSX
202 Moydow Mines International Inc. MOY.TO Canada TSX
203 Caldera Resources Inc. CDR.TO Canada TSX
204 Pure Diamonds Exploration Inc. PUG.TO Canada TSX
205 Brazilian Diamonds Ltd. BDY.TO Canada TSX
206 North Atlantic Resources Ltd. NAC.TO Canada TSX
207 Twin Mining Corp. TWG.TO Canada TSX
208 Blue Pearl Mining Ltd. BLE.TO Canada TSX
209 SouthernEra Diamonds Inc. SDM.TO Canada TSX
210 Canadian Royalties Inc. CZZ.TO Canada TSX
211 Shore Gold Inc. SGF.TO Canada TSX

Global mining giants BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American have  significant operations in diamond mining as well.

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