High Dividend Stocks in NASDAQ

The table below lists some of the high dividend yield stocks trading in the Nasdaq market. These stocks offer over 10% dividends.

Name Ticker Dividend Yield as of February 9, 2010
Apollo Investment Corp. AINV 10.89%
Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc ALSK 12.57%
Ares Capital Corporation ARCC 11.83%
Capital Bank Corporation CBKN 10.13%
Collectors Universe, Inc. CLCT 10.85%
Copano Energy, L.L.C. CPNO 10.55%
Formula Systems Ltd. (ADR) FORTY 20.98%
Gladstone Capital Corporation GLAD 10.37%
Gladstone Commercial Corporation GOOD 10.85%
Linn Energy, LLC LINE 10.00%
Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc. MCBF 11.43%
New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. NYMT 14.66%
Otelco, Inc. (USA) OTT 12.08%
Prospect Capital Corporation PSEC 15.08%
Qualstar Corporation QBAK 10.91%
StoneMor Partners L.P. STON 11.84%
TICC Capital Corp. TICC 10.10%
Hercules Technology Growth Capital Inc HTGC 12.28%
NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp. (USA) NCST 45.20%
Supertel Hospitality Inc SPPRP 10.85%
Himax Technologies, Inc. (ADR) HIMX 10.17%
Compass Diversified Holdings CODI 11.41%
EV Energy Partners, L.P. EVEP 10.22%
Kohlberg Capital Corp. KCAP 20.57%
Legacy Reserves LP LGCY 10.84%
Triangle Capital Corporation TCAP 13.83%
Capital Product Partners L.P. CPLP 19.25%
PennantPark Investment Corp. PNNT 11.27%
Blackrock Kelso Capital Corp. BKCC 14.88%
Main Street Capital Corporation MAIN 10.69%
American Capital Agency Corp. AGNC 20.57%
Supertel Hospitality Inc SPPRO 11.11%
Windstream Corporation WIN 10.01%

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